List of e-Textbooks
Course Author Link
EDU C403 - RESEARCH N EDUCATION 1 Fielding, Lee, The Sage Handbook of Online Research Method, Sage Publications, USA, 2nd Edition, copyright 2017
ENG C107 - INTRODUCTION TO THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE SYSTEM Lachance, Julie, Practice Makes Perfect Basic English, McGraw-Hill Education, New York, 3rd Edition, copyright 2019
ENG C201 - ENGLISH PHONOLOGY AND MORPHOLOGY Lindsey, Geoff, English After RP Stand and British Pronunciation Today, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, copyright 2019
ENG C305 - COMPUTER-MEDIATED COMMUNICATION Fiser, Darja, Investigating Computer-Mediated Communication, Ljubljana University Press, UK, 1st edition, copyright 2017
PSY C508 - PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT Cohen, Ronald Jay, Psychological Testing and Assessment, Engage, USA, 5th edition, copyright 2018
MGT C501 - ENVIRONMENT AND BUSINESS Filho, Walter Leal, Social Responsibility and Sustainability: How Businesses and Organizations Can Operate in a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Way, Springer, Switzerland, copyright 2019
MGT C505 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT Harold Kerznel, Project management: a system approach to planning, scheduling and controlling, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 12th edition, copyright 2017
CPE C301 - LOGIC CIRCUITS AND DESIGN Lameres & Broch J., Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL, Springer, Switzerland, copyright 2019
CPE C303 - DATA AND DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS Middlestead, Richard W., Digital Communications with Emphasis on Data Modems: Theory, Analysis, Design, Simulation, Testing, and Applications, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, New Jersey, copyright 2017
CPE C309 - INTRODUCTION TO HDL Lameres & Broch J., Introduction to Logic Circuits & Logic Design with VHDL, Springer, Switzerland, copyright 2019
CPE C312 - EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Cicolani, Jeff, Beginning Robotics with Raspberry Pi and Arduino: Using Python and OpenCV, Apress, Texas, USA, copyright 2018
CPE C314 - ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 2 Ertel, Wolfgang and Black, Nathanael T., Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, copyright 2018
CPE C405 - EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES IN CPE Singh, Himanshu, Practical Machine Learning and Image processing in Python, A Press, India, copyright 2019
CPE C407 - COGNATE/TRACK COURSE 3 Godsey, Brian, Think like a Data Scientist Tackle the Data Science Process Step-By-Step, Manning Publications Co., New York, copyright 2017
ECE 123 - METHODS OF RESEARCH (THESIS 1) Dipankar Deb,, Engineering Research Methodology - A Practical Insights for Researchers Springer, Switzerland, 2019 edition, copyright 2019
ECE 125 - TRANSMISSION MEDIA & ANTENNA SYSTEM Frenzel, Louis, Principles of Electronic Communications Systems, MCGraw-Hill, 4th edition, copyright 2016
ECE C131 - ECE LAWS, ETHICS & CONTRACTS Harris, Charles Jr. E, Engineering Ethics: Concepts and Cases, 6th edition, Cengage, copyright 2018
ECE C203 - ELECTRONICS 1: ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUIT Kumar, Kiran, Basic Electronics, Tutorial Point, 2017 edition, copyright 2017
ECE C305 - COMMUNICATIONS 2: MODULATION AND CODING TECHNIQUES Frenzel, Louis E. Jr., Principles of Electronic Communications Systems, McGraw-Hill, 4th edition, copyright 2016
ECE C403 - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Kurtz, Meyer, Handbook of Environmental Engineering, John Wiley and Sons, USA, 1st edition, copyright 2018
ECE 307 - SIGNALS, SPECTRA AND SIGNAL PROCESSING Giron-Sierra, Jose Maria, Digital Signal Processing with Matlab Examples, Volume 1: Signals and Data, Filtering, Non-stationary Signal, Modulation, Springer, copyright 2017